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  • Attire. Dress modestly in churches, with shoulders and torso covered. Formal attire is expected in certain social settings, including evening visits to the Casino de Monte Carlo.
  • Conversation. Use the formal vous when speaking French to anyone unknown or older than you. The informal tu is reserved for close friends, family and children.
  • Greetings. Men will typically shake hands when greeting each other. A man and a woman, or two women, may exchange bisous (cheek-skimming kisses).


There are no domestic flights within Monaco.


With its many hills and tunnels, Monaco is not an ideal cycling destination; walking and taking buses are the best two ways to get around.


The solar-powered Bateau Bus sails back and forth across the harbour between Quai Antoine 1er (Monaco Ville) and Quai des États-Unis(Monte Carlo). Boats make the four-minute crossing every 20 minutes from 8 am to 7.50 pm; buy tickets onboard (€2) or from machines at the docks (€1.50).

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