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Ústí nad Labem Region or Ústecký Region is an administrative unit of the Czech Republic, located in the north-western part of the historical land of Bohemia, and named after the capital, Ústí nad Labem. It covers the majority of the former North Bohemia province and is part of the broader area of North Bohemia.

The region borders the regions of Liberec (east), Central Bohemia (south), Plzeň (southwest), Karlovy Vary (west) and the German region of Saxony to the north.

The Ústí region comprises a range of very different types of landscape. Between the high escarpment of the Ore Mountains range and the Bohemian Central Uplands with many volcanic hills, there are vast areas devastated by surface coal mining (the North Bohemian Basin), partly being recultivated into an artificial landscape with ponds, plains and groves. The Elbe river runs through the Central Uplands in a winding gorge of the Porta Bohemica. The southern part of the region, Polabí, is flat and fertile, while in the northeast are the sandstone formations of Bohemian Switzerland, including the monumental Pravčická brána, a natural sandstone arch.

The geographical location of the area, between Prague and Germany, has been a significant factor in the region’s development.

Capital: Ústí nad Labem

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