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Idaho: Cottonwood – The Dog Bark Park

I have spent a lot of time investigating unusual places to stay and one that consistently come up during my research was Dog Bark Park in Cottonwood, Idaho. So, as we journeyed through the panhandle of north Idaho it was the ideal opportunity to check the place out for real.

We reached our destination, Dog Park Park, in the tiny town of Cottonwood, Idaho and met up with the owners, Dennis and Frances, who are the most charming hosts, and their lovely golden retriever Walter who Emily fell immediately in love with. This is the most unusual B&B, as it only has one accommodation, a two-storey high Beagle. It has two rooms, one in the body and a second in the loft room which you climb up a ladder to in the Beagle’s head. Of course, Jack and Emily loved it. We spent ages chatting to Dennis and Frances before going across the Beagle and settling into our comfortable quarters for the next 3 nights.

During our stay here we spent a lot of time talking to Dennis and Francis. Running the B&B is only a small part of what they do. It turns out, not surprisingly, that having a huge dog shaped room to rent is an effective marketing tool for their main business which is making and selling carvings of dogs.

They make a huge range of dog carvings, which are mainly made from Ponderosa Pine and are carved with a mixture of band and chain saws. We decided we wanted a golden retriever and Dennis kindly allowed us into his workshop to see it being born. After a few short minutes the deed was done and we had the newest addition to the Hobbs family, whom we named Walter after their golden retriever. He now sits on the dash of our motor home whenever we park up as a reminder of our golden retrievers, Ocean and Maggie, who bought us many years of joy and happiness.

Location:2421 Business Loop 95
Cottonwood, ID 83522t
Telephone:T: (208) 962-3647
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