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Book Review – The Last Wild Men of Borneo: A True Story of Death and Treasure

In The Last Wild Men of Borneo, author Carl Hoffman tells the stories of two Westerners who spent their lives in Borneo during the 1970s and 1980s, when it was still largely wild and unexplored. Their personal journies are very different, but they both become embroiled in the changing nature of this beautiful land where orangutans roamed the jungles and tribes of native Borneans lived their lives as the had done for hundreds of years, unexposed to the outside world.
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Book Review – The Stowaway: A Young Man’s Extraordinary Adventure to Antarctica

A young teenage boy in 1920s New York is determined to set out on the adventure of a lifetime to explore Antarctica. The only problem is he has no skills or experience to qualify him to join the American team scheduled to depart for the frozen continent. So, he decides to stowaway on one of the ships, starting a series of events that would change his life forever.
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Book Review – Tracks by Robyn Davidson

When Robyn Davidson arrived in Alice Springs in 1975 she had a crazy plan to journey 1700 miles across the Australian desert with four camels. She knew the journey would be hard but just getting ready to go proved tougher than she expected as she had to overcome misogyny and numerous challenges to her mission's success.
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Book Review – Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific in a Raft by Thor Heyerdahl

The famous Norweigan explorer Thor Heyerdahl has a theory that the islands of the Pacific Ocean could have been first settled by pre-Colombian explorers from South America rather than the common belief that these settlers came from the North and West. In 1947 he and a crew of four set-offs from Peru on a simple balsa wood raft named Kontiki on a 5000-mile journey to prove this theory.
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Book Review – No picnic on Mount Kenya: A Daring Escape, A Perilous Climb by Felice Benuzzi

Confined to an endless cycle of boredom and frustration, one prisoner, Felice Benuzzi, realizes he can bear it no longer. When the clouds covering Mount Kenya part one morning to reveal its towering peaks for the first time, Benuzzi is transfixed. The tedium of camp life is broken by the beginnings of a sudden idea, an outrageous, dangerous, brilliant idea - to escape and climb the mountain.
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Book Review – Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster by John Krakauer

In the 1990s John Krakauer was a contributor to Outside Magazine, a renown adventure publication when in 1996 they asked him to join a guided team to ascend Mount Everest. Krakauer was in a team led by Rob Hall. At the same time, another team was attempting the ascent led by Scott Fischer. Both men successfully guided clients to the summit but experienced severe difficulty during the descent as a massive storm hit the mountain. Sadly, several people, including the head guides lost their lives. This book tells the story from the perspective of John Krakauer.
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Book Review – Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing

This book captures a remarkable story of bravery, grit and determination. In August 1914 the 28 man crew of the British Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914–16) left England under Shackleton’s leadership aboard the Endurance. Things did not turn out as planned and the tale becomes not one of achievement and success in the traditional sense but an incredible journey into the unknown and a battle for their lives.
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Book Review: Blood River by Tim Butcher – Following in the footsteps of Henry Stanley

In 1874 the journalist and explorer Henry Morton Stanley navigated the River Congo for the first time (as a foreign explorer). It was King Leopold of Belgium who expressed the most interest in his adventures as he was looking to build an empire. Hence the Belgium Congo was born! Tim Butcher, who also worked for the Daily Telegraph decided to follow in Stanley's footsteps - not a simple task as the country is as dangerous as it was in Stanley's time.
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