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New York: Syracuse, – Razzle Dazzle, “Our Vegan Corner” (Eatery Review)

By the time we reached Syracuse, our tummies were rumbling and our bodies needed refreshment. After checking out the vegan eating options on our favourite vegan/vegetarian app, ‘Happy Cow’, we decided to try out Razzle Dazzle, ‘Our Vegan Corner’. The name alone piqued our interest.

The two locations of Razzle Dazzle, ‘Our Vegan Corner’ were set up by Rev. Curtis Levy his wife Maggie.  Their goal was to open spaces that we could sell great Vegan food and use some of our proceeds to help others. Rev. Levy established a Ministry called Last House On The Block Ministries Inc. its purpose is to house people coming out of rehab facilities, living on the street or in shelters. Their hope is the proceeds fromRazzle Dazzle “Our Vegan Corner” will help them get there.

We decided to head for the downtown location, and after a bit of searching, we found it. There were options for paninis, wraps and tacos but we went for the soul food: the vegan rib and fried chicken meals. These were completely vegan dishes with some sides. 

We had arrived between lunchtime and dinner rushes so we had the whole restaurant to ourselves – which during the Covid-19 pandemic was a blessing!

The food was ready in a jiffy. This was not haute cuisine, the food was served in polystyrene containers, which didn’t add much to the eating experience. Anyway, we were beyond peckish so we dived in. Despite the lack of presentation, the food was tasty – especially the main dishes. The sides were disappointing, that being said I have never really had a southern-style side that I found super appertising, they tend to be over-cooked. We like our veggies crunchy!

The food was soon demolished and it definitely filled a gap. To round things off we ordered a ‘gelati’ – a mix of one of their Italian ices and soft-serve vegan ice cream. The gelati did not live up to expectations, so we would definitely give it a miss if we happen to come to Razzle Dazzle again.

Overall, the main courses were an 8 out of 10 and the sides and gelati more around the 4 to 5 mark.

Location:140 Walton St.,Syracuse NY, 13202

Monday – Wednesday 12pm- 7pm         

Thursday – Saturday 12pm-9pm

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