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A plant-food restaurant in the heart of downtown Bend serving a range of bowls and sandwiches - plus beer on tap!

It is said the success of good comedy is in the timing, and to some degree, the same can be said of starting a restaurant. If this were true Deeply Rooted, a new plant-based food restaurant in Bend, Oregon was off to an inauspicious start when its opening coincided with the COVID-19 lockdown. In fact, it started behind closed doors by only being able to offer delivery or curbside pick-up.

Once the lockdown restrictions were lifted we decided to show support – after all the more plant-based options available in our hometown the better.

Location:1133 NW Wall St Ste 100, Bend, OR 97703
Type:A vegan kitchen with inside & outside seating close to downtown Bend
Hours:Tuesday to Sunday 8 pm to Midnight
Prices:Relatively inexpensive food – the main courses come in around $10 to $12

 The interior design of the restaurant is clean and simple, with white walls, white subway tiles and primarily bench-style seating (with some lovely solid wood table tops). Not a destination for a cosy, romantic meal probably but it does have an industrial elegance. The open layout and the food preparation area in plain sight is a nice touch … nowhere to hide for the kitchen staff.

There is a bar area with a rather splendid countertop that is a bit more elegant and there are bar stools if you want to head there for a drink or two in the evening. The large flat-screen TV is there to follow the game of the day – when we eventually escape the terrors of the COVID-19 pandemic!

The outside seating did look comfortable but it faces out on a busy intersection and the view is nothing to write home about.

We were hungry when we arrived so we decided to order two of their entrees; the Infinity & Beyond and the Inglorious Bastard. As usual, we split our meals to get a taste of both!

The Infinity & Beyond costs $13 and is made up of a Beyond Beef patty topped with smoked gouda, caramelized onion, stone-ground mustard, romaine, tomatoes, and pickle, served on a pretzel bun.

Our second choice was the  Inglorious Bastard at $12. This sandwich is based on a Beyond Bratwurst, topped with caramelized onions, sauerkraut and stone-ground mustard all served on a Pretzel Roll.


Overall the food tasted good but it was a little pricey and the portions were not huge. Some chips or fries might have been nice but that would have been another $3 or $4. Not exactly a cheap eat. I imagine the cost of the Beyond Meat burger and bratwurst makes the ingredients expensive, hence the price tag! But, we didn’t mind as it felt good to be supporting a local business and I am sure we’ll be back in the future to try some other menu items.

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