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I am never sure what gives me the most pleasure the experience of a journey or the planning of the trip. One thing for sure it is not getting there. I write this as I wait with Karen at the airport in San Francisco for our flight to Hong Kong at 1:30 am. We then have a 14-hour flight to look forward to. After my last long haul trip after which I developed deep vein thrombosis, I am taking no chances – I plan to get up and mover every two hours or less, I have brought some compression socks to wear and have been popping aspirin for the last couple of days (although the medical evidence that this helps is not overwhelming).

So, I arrived at the airport in Denver this morning at 6.00 am and after several delays, due to poor weather in San Francisco (who’s idea was it to build a major airport in a place that gets socked with a sea mist every day in the summer) I arrived in San Francisco to meet up with Karen and our daughter Chloe, who we have just seen off on her flight to London.

Nothing more to do now than wait for the time to pass before we can check-in. Unfortunately, that leaves us many hours in ticketing – not the most exciting place – rather than airside with all the interesting shops and eating places.



Never mind we’ll soon enough be on our way. The first stop will be Hong Kong for a couple of days and then off to Borneo (I mentioned the bucket list). I have a deep passion and love for orangutans and cannot wait to visit the reserve where the repatriate injured orangutans to the wilds. Hopefully, we will see someones in the wild, plus look out for pygmy elephants and hippos.

Thinking about this now has got me all excited again after the horrors of a day of travels.

More to follow ….

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