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A young couple undertake a tough road trip in a beat-up Land Rover from their home in Hamburg Germany to Johannesburg in South Africa exposing fragilities in their vehicle, relationship and state of mind

This is the story of a young German couple, Lena and Ulli, who have a dream of travel and adventure. Their journey begins in Hamburg and their plan is to undertake the long drive in their old Land Rover, which they named Lady Terés, to the distant city of Cape Town in South Africa in six months. Full of hope little did they know of the twists and turns ahead of them. They end up spending two years in each other’s company, crammed into the small space of the Land Rover, and the sharp differences in their characters and life philosophies bring their relationship to a breaking point.

Starting in Morocco, they quickly dive into the life of locals they meet on the road: Jamal, a Moroccan Berber who lives with his dromedaries in the Sahara, Ziza, a Mauritanian musician who fights against suppression from the government, Mame Sy, a mother who set up a private school for the poorest of the poor in Mauritania – and many more. Their journey leads them through the vibrant green canyons of Guinea, the scorching heat of Mali, and the amazing surf of Sierra Leone and Liberia. Everywhere they are, the two Germans make contact with the locals and demonstrate that real travelling is about more than plain sightseeing. But their long journey doesn’t spare them the dark side of travelling: they are also confronted by corruption, sickness, and even death. Setting out to discover a continent, their trip leads them down a very different road. One they did not expect the journey to their true inner selves.

Needless to say, I loved this documentary and there are some extraordinarily touching moments as these friends explore not only the lands they pass through but their own personal journies to this point. There are of course plenty of physical struggles with their equipment and bodies which makes for compelling viewing! 

Break Free is available on Prime Video


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