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Over the years I have had quite a few people tell me I resemble this person or that person. Unfortunately, the comparison has never been to one Richard Gere, George Clooney or Brad Pitt.

For a while, I got a lot of people saying I looked like Jeremy Clarkson (on the right-hand side of the picture … I am in the middle) of #topgear / #grandtour fame. Now whilst I do love Top Gear (the version with Clarkson, Hammond and May) and the Grand Tour and their irreverent and politically incorrect humour I am still not seeing the comparison with Clarkson as something to be very happy about.

More recently I have been getting more people saying I look like the late and great Anthony Bourdain. I think this is down to me having lost some weight – but I think he definitely is more of a silver fox than I am a the moment. I have just finished reading his memoir, “Kitchen Confidential“, which goes into his early life as a chef – complete with excesses of alcohol, drugs and women. It is amazing how a lot of these chefs live beyond the age of 30! Anyway, I think Bourdain is cool and we share a love of travel – so I feel much more comfortable with being mentioned in the same breath!

I am who I am – warts and all.

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