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Oregon: Hood River – The Hood River Hotel (Review)

As Brits, we have yet to truly get on board with the Thanksgiving holiday, despite living in the US for 15 years.  It is not helped that most of our immediate family live thousands of miles away! Now that our children have grown up and left home we didn’t really have much of a plan for the holidays, so we decided to head out of town for a few days.

We decided to head to Hood River, Oregon, a small river town set on the banks of the mighty Columbia River that acts as part of the state line between Oregon and Washington. On a couple of occasions, we had passed through the town and had always said we’d like to stop there for a couple of days.

Hood River Hotel located on Oak Street sit on the National Register of Historic Places and is the town’s oldest vintage hotel. Built in 1911 the Hood River Hotel has maintained many of the characteristics and charm of it’s an original concept. The lobby is very charming with its high ceiling, black and white floor tiles and comforting fire (which is gas). When you see the word “vintage” to describe a hotel it either means large staterooms or little rooms. In the case of the Hood River Hotel, it is little rooms. For us, this is not a problem generally but we had our son stopping in the room with us – he is a camper so was happy sleeping on the floor, but he had also brought his bike as he was planning a cycle trip the next day. We were a little cramped, but the hotel was accommodating and moved us to a bigger room.

Eating out for vegans in Hood River

There are plenty of restaurants and bars in Hood River. If you like wine then the town offers plenty of tasting room options to sample the local wines.

We were staying over Thanksgiving and on the day of holiday things were somewhat limited especially as myself, Karen and our son are all vegans. Knowing this we planned ahead and bought our own food for Thanksgiving day breakfast and had managed to find a vegan option for Thanksgiving dinner at the Riverside restaurant (which offers wonderful views out on to the Columbia River).

The hotel itself does not offer breakfast at the room rate but there is Broder Øst, a Nordic style brunch cafe that is located inside the hotel building. They offer a range of goodies from the Scandinavian countries, but none of the options looked very good from a vegan perspective, but some looked like they could be customized by leaving out the eggs.

The options we went with were:

Full Sail Brewery Pub

This is one of the larger breweries around is situated in downtown Hood River a few blocks from the Hood River Hotel. The pub itself we found was not one of the better we had visited (and we have seen many in Oregon) in terms of atmosphere – although it was the night before Thanksgiving and was a little quiet. There were no specific vegan options so we went with the veggie burger and sweet potato fries. To be honest the burger was not great so we can’t recommend it.


Freshies bagels and juice

This cafe is located just across the road and is, if you are so inclined, there is a cannabis dispensary right next door. We decided to share a scrumptious juice and a yummy vegan bagel. Just what the doctor ordered and lined out tummies for the Black Friday shopping.

Address:102 SW Oak Street, Hood River, OR
Telephone:T:(503) 386-1900
Admission Fees 

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