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Film Review: Food Evolution

"Food Evolution" the movie looks at the controversial subject of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) from the perspective of the food science community. My personal bias, through the media I gravitate to, has made me anti-GMO so I watched this movie with an open mind to get a different perspective.
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Film Review: Seed – The Untold Story

SEED: The Untold Story, follows passionate seed keepers intent on protecting our 12,000-year-old food legacy. It follows the story of the dedicated few working to preserve what remains of our crop diversity against powerful corporate forces who are seeking to drive us to use their products exclusively against our best interests.
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A world drowning in plastic waste!

There has been a lot of news coverage of the huge amount of garbage, particularly plastic, that is finding its way into our rivers and seas. The most talked-about example of this is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also known as the Pacific Trash Vortex. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an area of floating trash estimated to be in excess of 600,000 square miles, or twice the size of the state of Texas, and weighing 3.5 million tons.
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