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The Painted Or African Wild Dog Is A Beautiful Animal With Complex Behaviours. Painted Dog Conservation
April 3, 2023

Zimbabwe: Painted Dog Conservation

The painted dog, or African wild dog, was once common in Africa with estimates of over half a million spread among 39 countries. Current estimates put their numbers at about 3,000. Painted Dog Conservation was founded in 1992 by wildlife conservation biologist Greg Rasmussen for the protection of painted dogs and their habitat. The Painted Dog Conservation works to engage and incorporate local communities in protecting painted dogs in Zimbabwe.
The Powerfully Built Roan Antelope Roam Throughout Hwange National Park
March 31, 2023

Zimbabwe: Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park is in west Zimbabwe. Its grasslands and mopane woods are home to large elephant herds, lions and African wild dogs. In the northwest, animals gather at Mandavu and Masuma dams, where there are concealed lookouts. Bumbusi National Monument includes 18th-century ruins and pre-colonial rock carvings.
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