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Minnesota: Alexandria- Big Ole: America’s Biggest Viking

Big Ole, located in the small town of Alexandria, Minnesota, is the purportedly the World’s largest Viking. Ole was built in 1965 as an exhibit for the New York World’s Fair. When completed Ole stood 28 feet tall with the words, “Alexandria, Birthplace of America” emblazoned on his shield.

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Minnesota: Rothsay – A Giant Greater Prairie Chicken

One of my quirky interests, as I have travelled around the United States, is to try and see as many “roadside” attractions as I can. Many of these are next to highways, but occasionally we have had to head off the beaten track. During a road trip that passed through Minnesota along I-94, we were lucky to come across one such attraction in the city of Rothsay, the Prairie Chicken capital of Minnesota

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Minnesota: Darwin – The World’s largest ball of twine

If you should visit the small town of Darwin, Minnesota (pop. 350) you will find, located inside a specially constructed gazebo, a local oddity that has become a well-known roadside attraction – a nine-ton ball of twine that was rolled by one man, Francis A Johnson. This is the largest ball of twine in the World rolled by an individual. Weird yes – but fascinating!

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South Dakota: Mitchell – Corn Palace

Mitchell is home of the world’s only Corn Palace. The original version of the Corn Palace was established in 1892 as a place for the community to congregate. As Mitchell grew it outstripped the capacity of the Corn Palace which was subsequently rebuilt, bigger and better, twice more with the current building being completed in 1921. In the 1930’s the building was remodeled to capture the essential spirit and decorative features of the first palace, with the minarets and Moorish design elements we see today being added.

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South Dakota: Wall – Wall Drug Store

As you travel around America, especially the mid-west you’ll come across billboards advertising the Wall Drug Store. These billboards are located, in some cases, hundreds of miles from the store itself mostly along a 650 mile stretch of I-90. Apparently, there are more than 300 paid for billboards, some located internationally, and a whole load more unofficial billboards.

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