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A Model Of The Enterprise On In The Lobby Of The Star Trek Original Series Set Tour - Ticonderoga New York

New York: Ticonderoga – Star Trek Set Tour

If you are travelling through upstate New York you might want to take a trip into the small town of Ticonderoga to visit the Star Trek Original Series Set-Tour. You might ask why is it in Ticonderoga - and you'll need to go for yourself to find out! This is not just a place for Trekkies to visit it is a fascinating insight into TV history. its authenticity has been confirmed by members of the original cast, including William Shatner (Captain James T Kirk) who makes regular visits here.
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The Upside-down Traffic Lights In Syracuse, New York

New York: Syracuse – Upside-down traffic lights

When the city of Syracuse, New York started installing traffic lights in the 1920s the Irish community didn't take kindly to the set of lights put up on a busy intersection on Tipperary Hill. They did not like the fact that the 'red light', which they associated with the British, was above the 'green light' - green being the colour of the Irish. So, some youths in the area threw stones, breaking the red lamp. The city replaced the lamp only for it to be smashed again. The city eventually gave up flipping the light so the green light was at the top. These upside-down lights remain until this day and have become a local attraction.
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New York: Gourdlandia

If you are in the Finger Lakes Region near Ithaca then you might want to check out Gourdlandia. This is the storefront and workshop of Graham Ottoson, a former mid-wife turned gourd artist. She takes gourds grown in her garden, dries them out and turns them into beautifully carved lamps, bowls and other gourd oddities.
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Something Mystical About Prayer Flags Covered In Frost - Carl's Critter Garden, Hanksville, Utah

Hanksville – a cool place to check out en route from Capitol Reef to Moab

One of the delights of travelling is discovering something new and unexpected. During our winter trip through Utah, we stumbled across the small remote town of Hanksville which has a couple of local oddities including Carl's Critter Garden and Hollow Mountain convenience store that are worth a stop. There are also some interesting things to explore in the local desert, including the Mars Research Centre and Goblin Valley State Park.
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Idaho: Arco and Experimental Breeder Reactor #1 (EBR-1)

The eastern reaches of Idaho, north of Idaho Falls are pretty bleak and remote which makes it an ideal place to site dangerous things such as nuclear reactors. Experimental Breeder Reactor I, the world's first breeder reactor, is a decommissioned research reactor and U.S. National Historic Landmark located near Arco, Idaho
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The Monument Marking The Geographical Centre Of The Nation

South Dakota: Geographic Centre of the Nation

With the addition of Alaska and Hawaii to the Union, the geographic centre of the United States moved from Lebanon in Kansas to a point on the borders of South Dakota/Wyoming/Montana. The nearest community to this point is the small town of Belle Fourche (some 20 miles away) where there is a memorial to the commemorate the nearby geographic marker.
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