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Oregon: Portland – Alberta Petite Hotel (Review)

I often travel to Portland, Oregon and am always on the lookout to try a new place to stop at. I had discovered the Alberta Petite Hotel, located on my favourite street in Portland – Alberta Street – a while back and had been looking forward to an opportunity to stay there. So, finally the day came and I was not disappointed.

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Oregon: Portland – Travelers House Hostel (Review)

As my life is changing we have been traveling mostly now for pleasure and hopefully retirement will be upon us soon. The sooner the better. We’re hoping to do a lot of traveling when we’re finally done with work. We don’t have a huge bundle of money to splurge on long, luxurious journeys so we are definitely thinking of spreading our money out and traveling on a budget. So, during our recent visit to Portland, Oregon I booked us into the Travelers House Hostel, a low cost accommodation option on Portland’s east side.

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