New Zealand: Tirau giant metal dog ice-cream store.

In Tirau, New Zealand, an enterprising local had similar intentions. Using their ingenuity, corrugated steel and paint they created two buildings, one shaped like a sheep and another like a dog. Much to my delight, the corrugated steel dog housed an ice cream store which served the most amazing creamy honey and fig ice cream. Yumm!

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Spain: Andalusia – Granada, home of the Alhambra

Set in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, Granada is the capital of the region. It has a rich history, resulting from its ownership has changed hands many times throughout its long history. Granada was first settled by native tribes in the prehistoric period and was known as Ilbyr. When the Romans colonised southern Spain, they built their own city here and called it Illibris. The Arabs invaded the peninsula in the 8th century and gave the city its current name of Granada. It was the last Muslim city to fall to the Christians in 1492, at the hands of Queen Isabel of Castile and her husband Ferdinand of Aragon.

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Hong Kong – wet and sticky

We were greeted in Hong Kong by some wet, miserable weather. The weather in the tropics are complex. For Hong Kong and this part of South East Asia this time of year can be wet, and our arrival coincided with a passing tropical storm. I was happy though, because I hadn’t seen any rain for 3 months! Karen was concerned by the warnings at the airport, but we were assured that the “standby signal No. 1” was nothing to be concerned about.

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