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Tourism in China requires a visa and is typically a single entry visa with a stay duration of 30 days. US citizens may be eligible for a 10-year multiple entry visa.

The tourism visa requires your passport to be valid for at least 6 months and it must have at least two blank pages. You must also have an invitation letter from a china travel agency or an individual or round-trip tickets and a hotel booking.

Your passport must:

  • Be valid for at least 12 months and be valid for six months beyond the length of your requested visa (for example, if you are requesting a 12 month visa your passport must be valid for 18 months)
  • Contain at least two consecutive blank visa pages for the visa stamp (excluding endorsements pages)
  • Make sure to remove any external stickers or protective covers from your passport. The Consulate will only accept passports with their original covers.
  • Not be frayed, torn, separating, or altered in any other way

The Chinese Consulate requires a photograph that meets very strict requirements.

  • All electronic photo submissions must be taken within the last six months against an all-white background. It must show a full frontal view of your head, face centered in the middle, the tops of your shoulders, and display a neutral (non-smiling) expression with eyes open, mouth closed, and ears visible. No background light or shadows are permitted. You may not wear eyeglasses, jewelry, or headwear except for religious purposes. Do not wear a white shirt.
  • Be exactly 48 mm tall by 33 mm wide
  • Be printed on high-quality photo paper
  • Not be affixed to your application, with no evidence of adhesive tape or staples

Invitation Letter and/or Proof of Travel

To fulfill the Tourist visa invite requirement, you must select one of the following options:

  • A copy of your round trip airline ticket and hotel reservation, or
  • Itinerary and Airline Confirmation: A copy of your day by day cruise itinerary or if on a tour, your tour itinerary including hotel information for each day. In addition you must provide a copy of your confirmed airline reservations showing all segments of your flights from country of residence to China and returning to your country of residence. Your itinerary and flight information must include your full name as it appears on your passport, or
  • A copy of an official letter of invitation from a governmental agency or individual sponsor.

Visa Application Form
One fully completed and signed visa application form. The application must:

  • Be completed online
  • Include answers for all required fields (NA where not applicable)
  • List the name of the traveler exactly as it is written in the passport
  • Be printed single-sided
  • Be dated and signed in blue or black ink
  • Be enclosed with all other documents in your visa application kit
  • Include detailed hotel or lodging information in section 2.6. This section must be fully completed. If the designated space in section 2.6 is insufficient, you can use a separate sheet of paper to complete your itinerary details

For more information check out:

Visa Fees

China Visa Price List for Some Major Countries

Country 1 Entry 2 Entries
Australia  AUD 109.5 AUD 139.5
Brazil BRL 460 BRL 460
Canada  CAD 142 CAD 142
EUR 126 
EUR 126
Germany  EUR 125.45 EUR 125.45
India  INR 5,552 INR 7,502
Ireland EUR 40 EUR 60
Italy * EUR 127.1 EUR 127.1
Japan  JPY 8,000 JPY 10,000
Netherlands  EUR 126.55 EUR 126.55
New Zealand NZD 140 NZD 210
Mexico MXN 730 MXN 1,090
Poland PLN 220 PLN 220
Russia SUR 3,300 SUR 6,600
Singapore  SGD 85 SGD 95
Spain  EUR 126.55 EUR 126.55
United Kingdom  GBP 151 GBP 151
United States of America USD 140 USD 140 
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