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Revisiting Jurong Bird Park in Singapore hoping to recapture a happy memory - but realising that I had moved on!

In a past trip to Singapore, which was more years ago than I care to remember, I had visited  Jurong Bird Park and was left with a lasting memory of how many amazing birds were there and many were free-flying. So, coming back (yes it was 25 years ago!) I wanted to revisit and see if it was a good as the first time.

About Jurong
Opened in 1971, Jurong Bird Park is Asia’s largest bird park, offering a 20.2-hectare hillside haven for close to 3,500 birds across 400 species, of which 20 per cent are threatened. 
Location:2 Jurong Hill, Singapore 628925

Hours:8.30am – 6.00pm (Last entry at 5.00pm) every day of the year.
Admission Fees:US$23 for adults & US$16 for children 

Getting there

We decided to take public transport. Getting there took a while and was a little convoluted. Firstly, we took the MRT to Boon Lay Station and the walked (about 1-2 mins) to the Boon Lay Bus Interchange. Things would have been easier if I hadn’t got us on to the wrong bus – but eventually, we caught bus number 251 and got off one stop later.

Our visit to Jurong

The next few hours we spent wandering around the bird park. I loved many of the large open aviaries where the birds could move freely. Also, there we some wonderful outdoor enclosures for the waterfowl, especially the pelicans. We also had some fun in the enclosure with the parakeets who greedily guzzled on the nectar we bought on the way in, despite being told they were not feeling very hungry.

Sadly, some of the birds were in enclosures that I would say have not been updated for years and had wire meshing that made it hard to clearly see the birds. I assume putting the birds behind glass might not be ideal in the Singapore climate.

Overall, we had a good time but in some ways, my previous memories were tarnished. This may be down to the fact that in the intervening years since my last visit I had experienced so much more and this had put Jurong into this broader context. I don’t think I will be going back.

Bird of paradise
Crowned Victoria Pigeon
Nicobar Pigeon
Luzon bleeding-heart
A rare shoe bill at Jurong Bird Park,
Roseate Spoonbill
A hungry looking Lorikeet in the Lorikeet enclosure
Karen feeds a lorikeet
Feeding time at the pelican enclosure
African grey parrot
A cockatoo lands on a visitors arm during the flying display
The Great Hornbill waits to join the flying display at Jurong Bird, Park
A great hornbill
Saffron finch
A superb starling (yes that's its real name!)

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