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A few days after falling off a boardwalk at Kinabatangan Wetlands Resort and breaking five ribs I was in a lot of pain and feeling sorry for myself.

I managed to survive my time in the Hospital Duchess of Kent and was pleased to leave Sandakan for Kota Kinabalu. We were booked into the Marriott which, apart from being inundated with US Marines on shore leave, was a pleasant place to spend sometime recuperating.

I didn’t manage to get up and about much, so most of my time in KK was spent looking out from the deck outside the restaurant.

Here are some photos of the view across the bay and harbour at various times of the day:

The restaurant in the Marriot, the centre of my life (apart from my room) during my time in KK
Contemplating life – my appetite dented by my painful ribs



The bay at dusk
Setting sun
The sun has set





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