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An uncomplicated vegan cafe located inside a yoga studio on the outskirts of Wisconsin’s state capital city.

5500  E.  Cheryl  Parkway,  Ste 101A,  Fitchburg,  WI  53711
(608) 288-8448

Monday – Thursday | 8am – 8pm
Friday – Sunday | 8am – 3pm

One of the surprising things I have found in traveling to Madison, Wisconsin is how few truly vegan restaurants and cafes there are. I would have thought that a city with such a large student population would have resulted is a number of vegan eateries springing up! Perhaps in a state which is so closely associated with dairy products, especially cheese this should not be so unexpected!

So, using the Happy Cow app I found the listing for Surya Cafe in Fitchburg, just a few miles from downtown Madison.

Located inside the Perennial Yoga studio, Surya is a quaint little cafe. When I visited it was very quite so I had pretty much the choice of any seat, but there was actually plenty of seating for quite a number of folks. The decor was clean and simple; fitting with the serene atmosphere of a yoga studio.

Ordering was simple if you are comfortable with technology as it was all done from a tablet. The menu was listed on a large board, but the order entry was done electronically. First time I have done this in a restaurant or cafe – so it did require me having to ask how to order, as it was not totally obvious this was the modus operandii. Anyway, I actually found I liked this way of placing my order, although for many they might actually like to talk to a person when ordering.

For my food options I decided to try the vegan cheese plate ; an almond chevre with olive tapande ( I am still trying to find a really good vegan cheese) served with gluten free crackers and the Southwest bowl, that comes with a base of forbidden rice topped with black beans and tasty mix of avocado, tomatoes, peppers and nutty nibbles. As for my drink I selected a smoothie.

The food arrived in no time, probably due to the fact I was about the only person there. It all looked wonderful. The smoothie was thick and creamy (in a creamy vegan way) and I did appreciate the reusable straw (I am yet to really master the use of these). The food was very light and tasted delicious. The one thing I would say is that this is not the place for hearty comfort food and I was glad of having ordered two dishes.

Overall I was very happy with my choice to come here. It was on the pricey side for what you actually got – but the food was presented well and tasted great.

For me I would give the Surya Cafe a 7 out of 10.

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