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A fantastic place to try out tiny house living in the heart of one of Portland's trendiest streets

Location:5009 NE 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97203 T: +1 (503) 288-5225
Map:Google Map
Type:Individual tiny houses
Prices:$135 for weeknights – $160 for a weekend night (2-night minimum @ weekends)

There is something quintessentially Portland about the concept of a tiny house hotel – the city has been in the vanguard of the tiny house movement and is now looking to use tiny houses to partially solve its homeless problem.

The tiny house hotel (its official name is Caravan) is located on the east side of Portland just of the trendy Alberta Street, in a lot that in former incarnations had been a car lot for repossessed cars, a brick oven pizza food cart and an outdoor hookah bar. This space has been magically transformed by the addition of an interesting collection of tiny houses.

Like many we have been toying with the idea of “downsizing” and we have been discussing living in a motor home or a tiny house. For some time we have been watching the many series of TV shows and documentaries that have sprung up on tiny houses. This was our chance to try one out.

Our tiny house had a bed in the loft, but we didn’t fancy climbing up and down a ladder and the headroom looked mightily claustrophobic so we opted to use the pullout bed in the main cabin. This did compromise our space a bit. One of our biggest concerns with downsizing is storage, not that we wanted to hoard but living in a space full time does require some basic essentials. The tiny homes at Caravan are not designed for living in but are there literally as a hotel room so the storage space was limited.

The tiny houses at Caravan are arranged in a circle, like a set of wagons on the famous Oregon trail berthed for the night. Like a wagon circle, there is a fire pit in the centre around which people staying at Caravan can gather. If you are looking for a good nights sleep these gatherings can be bothersome.

We really enjoyed our stay at the Tiny House Hotel. The tiny house we stayed in was cosy and comfortable and the location along Alberta Street is amazing. The experience did make us realize the importance of some storage even when we downsize, which convinced us to look at a motor home for our future home rather than a Tiny House (mobility has also been a major factor).

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