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A vegan cafe inside a yoga studio in Portland’s trendy Pearl District.


We were looking for a cafe that served vegan breakfasts and after some research, I discovered Prasad, a vegan cafe, which by chance was very close to where our hotel.

There are two branches of Prasad and the one we had stumbled upon is found in Portland’s trendy Pearl District. It does not have its own storefront and is instead situated inside a yoga studio, Yoga Pearl.

The cafe itself is quite small but the setting in Yoga Pearl makes it feel open and roomy, but at the same time, the layout gives it a cosy feel. The seating is very basic but just seems to add to the general ambience.


Location: 925 NW Davis St, Portland, OR 97209 Tel: (503) 224-3993
Hours:  Mon-Fri,: 7:30 am – 8:00 pm, Sat-Sun: 9:00 am – 8;00 pm
Map: Google Map
Type: Tasty vegan bowls, juices and comfort food in a pleasant setting
Prices: $10 to $12 range



Prasad is a counter-serve veggie and gluten-free cafe serving rice bowls, soups, smoothies & raw food. Everything on the menu is organic, vegan and gluten-free, from the fresh-squeezed ginger shots and juices (try the Sweet Green made from cucumber sweet greens apple, cucumber, celery, lime, mint, kale, parsley ) to the soups and raw wraps.

Prasad specializes in bowls based on red rice or quinoa. We decided to share a couple of things off the menu.  I went with the Dragon Bowl, a favourite with the regulars, which is made up from steamed sea vegetables, avocado, beans and cabbage topped with garlic tahini or chilli sauce. Karen wanted something sweeter so she chose the walnut and chia waffle, which was stacked with fruit, and to that, she added the vanilla cream. It was totally scrumptious!

Everything Prasad creates is healthy and pops with vibrant flavours and almost all of their ingredients are locally sourced.

In fact, we enjoyed our food so much that we decided to go back the next day! This time I tried the Tabor bowl, a delicious mix of quinoa, avocado, slow roasted tomatoes, kale and micro greens to which I added lemon ginger sauce.



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