A trendy hipster bar in one of Portland’s coolest suburbs with a 100% vegan menu

Location:                     1011 NE Alberta Street, (10th & Alberta), Portland, OR    Tel.: 503-281-0537

Map:                             Google Maps

Hours:                          Sat-Sun: 12 PM-2 AM, Mon-Thu; 4 PM-2 AM, Fri: 2 PM-2 AM

Average Food Price:  $10-$15

Food:                            Southern style influenced food

We are always on the lookout for new places to eat when we travel to Portland, Oregon – which happens frequently through the year. One place that has been on my list is Bye and Bye on Alberta Street. It is a real treat to find a bar that serves a totally vegan menu – saves having to ask a lot of questions when ordering our food!

The Bye and Bye doesn’t look much from the road but it is surprisingly interesting once you get to experience the inside. The interior design is hipster (I am just about too old to know what that is!). The bar has a cool setup with a lot of outdoor seating both in the front and back as well as an open air dining room, which I  assume has some sort of window that will close it off in bad weather.

The bar has the laid-back Portland feel to it with tattooed bartenders and limited table service. We love people watching and there was much to see and enjoy in this place. The decor is very eclectic and it took a few minutes to take everything in.

When we arrived in the late afternoon the place was packed. There is of course no need to panic as the Bye and Bye does not close until 2 am most days – but we were peckish by this time. As the weather was pretty decent we  decided to sit out in the spacious outside patio area. It feels very secluded despite being next to a busy road – there is a large fence which is softened by tall and elegant bamboo  plants.

The outdoor patio
The “happening” inside bar
A bit creepy – I took this picture of painting on the wall of the men’s room

The menu at the bye and bye is influenced by Southern style cooking and is simple yet delicious. They offer a decent selection of bowls, sandwiches, and entrees—like spaghetti or chili pie—are all available for under ten bucks. As usual we decided to order two main course and split them. To wash our food down we ordered a very tasty pint of porter.

We settled for the BBQ Brussel Bowl with BBQ tofu, brussels sprouts and brown rice. For an extra $1 we added avocado. For our second entree we went with the Chili Pie which was made up of a vegan chili, fritos, onions, Tofutti sour cream, non-dairy cheese and nutritional yeast.

You cannot get simpler food than this! Gourmet it is not!

BBQ Brussel Bowl
The CHili Frito Bowl

We enjoyed our meal at Bye and Bye and would definitely go there again. The setting is interesting and if you like watching the people of the Portland diaspora then this is a great place to hang out for an hour or two.

As it opens so late it means you can go into town and watch a show and get back in time for a late night supper. The food is basic but the portions are good and the prices are reasonable. They also serve good beer.





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