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For a couple of years we based ourselves in the city of Ashland in Southern Oregon (just off Interstate 5 on the border with California). The reason we found ourselves drawn there was the fantastic Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which runs for about 7 months of the year.

We have since moved away to a different part of Oregon but go back there two or three times a year to watch some of the plays at the festival. Often we have stayed at a local hotel or camped in the summer. Last year we decided to see what airbnb had to offer and we came across the Pastel Rainbow, a converted classic trailer home. We simply had to try it out.

The Pastel Rainbow is located in the very south of Ashland close to the I-5 (but you cannot hear it) in a compound with several other trailers that are also used for accommodation. The trailer itself has a cute deck and the inside is amazing, with decor which can best be described as “eclectic exotic”. With a plethora of fuzzy cushion and throws it felt cozy. We had recently stayed in a tiny house which in terms of square footage was much larger, yet the Pastel Rainbow felt roomier.

It doesn’t have much inside in terms of practical features as most things there are decorative rather than functional. The toilet and shower facilities are outhouses and basic at that. Despite the inconvenience of running outside to shower and use the toilet, which if anything added to the bohemian atmosphere of the Rainbow, we loved everything about it.

The owner, Molly, lives on site in a small house with a entourage of cats and dogs. She was extremely welcoming.

This is not the place to go if you are looking for creature comforts, but if you want to stay somewhere quirky and inexpensive (I think we paid $75 a night) then the Pastel Rainbow could be just the place for you. Here is a link to the listing on

Pictures by Ryan McKinnon


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