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New Orleans is known for its seafood and cajun style cooking – but as it turns out there are several good places for plant-based food options

I found myself staying in New Orleans for 4 days for a conference so I was excited to explore what the city had for people on a plant-based diet. I think my expectations had been low but to my surprise, I found a lot of variety.

Below, are five restaurants that I personally tried out. There were more places I didn’t get to on this trip. I am sure as the popularity of plant-based diets grows that more restaurants will offer vegan options – hopefully, when I go to New Orleans again there will be even more places to try.

1. The Green Goddess

The Green Goddess is located right in the heart of New Orleans French Quarter, actually only a block or two away from the gaudy and loud Bourbon Street. That said it is tucked away in a quiet alley so you could be a million miles away.

There is little to no indoor seating so the only way to really experience the Green Goddess is through the outside terrace on Exchange Street. I was not complaining! The setting, especially in the evening is quite romantic, and there is just enough passing foot traffic to make it interesting, so this would be a great place to bring a loved one.

Location: 307 Exchange Pl, New Orleans, LA 70130 – French Quarter
Hours:  11 am – 9 pm Wed-Sun. Closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
Map: Google Map
Type: New American cuisine & cocktails tucked in a pocket of a space by a romantic alleyway.
Website: Restaurant Website
Prices: Moderately expensive food. The dinner menu is about $9 to $12 for the starters and $15 to $20 for the main course

2. Carmo

From the descriptions and reviews, I had read of the Green Goddess I was really looking forward to trying this place out

“From Southeast Asia to West Africa, the Caribbean, South America & beyond, experience the world’s tropical foodways infused with flavorful local ingredients & narrative.”

Well, that sounded fun and reading on I discovered they have a strong commitment to sustainability. I didn’t need to hear any more so off I trotted to grab some lunch.

Immediately as I walked in I was impressed by how warm and friendly the staff were. Their greetings were totally effervescent. I also like places that have an open kitchen – for some reason, it comforts me to be able to see where the food is prepared (or not if it looks bad!).

I also fell in love with the layout of the place. There were cosy areas if you want a quiet place to chat with friends or big wide open spaces if you desire more air. They have also adorned their walls with some interesting and eclectic works of art.

Location: 1527 Julia St, New Orleans, LA 70130 – Central Business District
Hours:  9 am – 10 pm Mon-Sat. Closed Sundays
Map: Google Map
Type: Vegan-friendly fare with tropical influences in a cosy spot with an open kitchen.
Website: Restaurant Website
Prices: Relatively inexpensive food – the main courses come in around $12 to $15

3. Sweet Soul Food

Full Blog Review

I decided that I wanted to head out away from the touristy French Quarter and explore a more traditional and real part of the city. So, I discovered that there was a vegan restaurant called Sweet Soulfood a few miles out.

Sweet Soulfood has a modest storefront, so you could easily miss it. Like the exterior, the inside is modestly decorated, definitely more cafeteria than home comfort, with plain wooden tables and not too comfortable chairs. I went there at the end of the day, so it was very quiet, but I understand it is often packed with people.

The food is buffet style, with a dozen or so options from entrees to veggie sides. The good thing is that this place is 100% vegan so you don’t have to think a lot about what you choose. You pay by the number of dishes you choose to have on your plate – I was definitely feeling peckish so I ended up with four different selections including an eggplant lasagne, a curry and a couple of veggie sides – including some delicious portabello mushrooms in gravy. The menu changes daily.

Location: 1025 N Broad St, New Orleans, LA 70119 – Outside the downtown area
Hours:  11 am – 6 pm Mon – Sat. Closed Sundays
Map: Google Map
Type: Plant-based vegan Southern-Style cooking
Website: Restaurant Website
Prices: Relatively inexpensive food – about $11 to $30. You pay for the number of selection you make from the buffet

4. Piscobar Kitchen

Full Blog Review

Since arriving in New Orleans I had subjected my body to largely a diet of carbohydrates and stodge, so I was in desperate need of something different and nutritional so I was delighted to discover a write up on a vegan eatery called Piscobar Kitchen.

Piscobar is located inside the Catahoula Hotel on Union Street, just a  few minutes walk from New Orleans’ French Quarter. The hotel itself looked interesting, I believe it is a 2 star rated boutique hotel with 35 rooms. I have made a mental note to stay there on a future trip to New Orleans.

The Piscobar is a cocktail bar that serves food. It is pleasantly decorated with some exposed brickwork that gives it a rustic touch and a sharp contrast to the black and white floor tiles. The inside seating is limited to a few small tables, but there is an outside seating area in a cosy courtyard.

Location: Catahoula Hotel, 914 Union Street, New Orleans, LA, 70112 – Near French Quarter
Hours:  5 – 10 pm daily
5 – 7 pm happy hour every day
Map: Google Map
Type: Plant-based vegan Southeast Asian food
Website: Restaurant Website
Prices: Relatively inexpensive food – about $6 to $11

5. Killer Po’boys

Full Blog Review

I was out and about in New Orleans, exploring the French Quarter when I stumbled across a small restaurant called Killer Poboys. In fact, I had just been checking out the Museum of Death (see my review), and all the stories of death had got my stomach rumbling (not quite sure of the cause and effect here). What caught my eye was the big sign outside about having excellent vegan and vegetarian options. Sold! Also, I liked the skull and baguette signage.

They serve mainly po’boys, a traditional Louisiana sandwich. The interior of the cafe is small and modest, nothing fancy here! The menu options are pretty basic. This is not a 100 per cent vegan restaurant so there was a lot of meat options, but there was also a couple of good vegan/vegetarian options. What they serve is good and hearty – and the service is quick!

Location: 219 Dauphine St, New Orleans, LA – 70112.   Tel: 504-462-2731 – French Quarter
Hours:  10 am – 8 pm Wed-Mon
Map: Google Map
Type: A tasty vegan snack bar service traditional Louisiana po’boys
Website: Restaurant Website
Prices: Relatively inexpensive food – about $10 to $12 for a sandwich

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