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Loon Mountain; ice cream and pancakes

On our way through New Hampshire traveling to Vermont we decided to break up the journey with a few stops – the first being Loon Mountain near Lincoln, New Hampshire. This is primarily a ski resort but the gondola lift operates through the year and we decided to take a ride to the top so we could check out the fall colors.

Loon Mountain

Loon Mountain has tried to create an all season attraction and at the summit of the mountain is a craft shop and some walking trails – very much a home spun affair. We took the walk out to the glacier caves. Now my idea of caves is something eroded over tens of thousands of year by water – these were essentially slabs of granite that we created as the glaciers retreated by water freezing and thawing and then as the glacier moved (it was a mile deep so was fairly substantial by all accounts) out these lumps of granite piled up on each other (like a pile of dominos). Well the results was some gaps left under the pile – which they have labelled caves. Emily just about managed to squeeze through the gaps … us larger blokes had to walk around (not sure I would have made it as a cave man – at least the fitting into the cave part of the job).

View from the top of the gondola ride

Apres the ski lift we set off for Vermont but had a couple of road side food stops planned, neither of which sounded healthy option. Who cares we were on vacation and their offerings sounded delicious.

Bishops in Littleton (87 Main Lincoln, Littleton, NH) was our first stop – a home made ice cream shop. We all had the Bishop’s bash – made from Dutch chocolate with bit of brownies in it – delicious!!! Now for desert we went up the road to Polly’s Pancake House (Hildex Maple Sugar Farm, Sugar Hill) – whose speciality surprise, surprise is pancakes. Oh are they good. I had the sampler which was half a dozen pancakes made from different batters and add-ins (blueberries, coconuts etc). Appetites satiated we set off for Vermont – crossing through some more mountains – the van struggled up a mountain pass ( I think 3 passengers full of pancakes were the main reason behind the difficult passage).

En route we stopped briefly at Bath, Vermont which has two things we wanted to look at: one a fully covered bridge and second a grocery store. The covered bridge was open to traffic so we drove across and then back again – these bridges for some reason (mainly down to Hollywood’s fascination with these artifacts of the past) remind me of films about the American Civil War and horror movies. After this short detour we pulled over and visited the general store in Bath, which is apparently the oldest general store in the US. There were some interesting things inside but we didn’t linger too long as we had some way to go.

Purportedly the oldest general store in the US

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