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An incredible rescue center for exotic animals that can’t be released back into the wild

Location: Hours: Fees:
2999 County Road 53 Keenesburg, CO 80643 Open 7 days a week from 9:00 AM to Sunset.

Adults (ages 13 to 69) – $30

Children (ages 3 to 12) – $15

Children (under 3) – Free

The Colorado Wild Animal Sanctuary is a fascinating place. It is not a zoo but is a rescue centre for exotic animals, rescued from small zoos and private owners who have abused their animals or simply were unable to look after them. You are able to view some of the animals from raised walkways and platforms – other areas are large enclosures which you can only really see from a distance. There are a tremendous amount of animals here – we counted over 70 tigers alone, each with its own sad story. Some of the tigers are in pairs in small enclosures, but over time they are given the social skills to live in an environment with other tigers and they are released into much larger enclosures. As well as tigers there are African lions, leopards, mountain lions, wolves and bears. These are all taken care of through the dedication of the staff and donations – the running cost is over $1 million a year. Jack and Emily loved the experience and got to see the leopard on the Animal Planet film and the owner of the sanctuary. Emily also made a friend with the owner’s dogs – a friendly pair of boxers.



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