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A small bistro serving an eclectic menu of foods from around the world

Location: 1075 NW Newport Ave, Bend OR 97703
Hours:  11 am – 8 pm Mon-Thu. 11 am – 9 pm Fri, 10 am – 9 pm Sat, 10 am – 8 pm Sun
Map: Map
Type: Small eatery with globe-spanning fare that includes Greek kebabs, Thai curries, Korean meats & more. Mixed menu with lots of vegan options
Website: Restaurant Website
Prices: Relatively inexpensive food – the main courses come in around $12

We are always excited to try a new restaurant, especially in my home town, that offers interesting vegan options. So when Bethlyn’s Global Fusion bistro opened up we were excited to try it out.

A line from the website gives a flavour of the approach of chef Bethlynn and her team.

“Global Fusion is my own twist to recipes where I combine cuisine from around the world such as Indian food with an Asian twist, or American and an African twist, french with an Indian twist, and so much more.”

Well, I like food from all those countries so things were already looking promising!

The bistro is compact and bijoux inside, but there is plenty of outside seating when the weather is good (which in Bend is only really 6 months of the year at best!). Luckily, it was a nice day when we visited.

The menu is not 100% vegan but there are plenty of vegans and vegetarian options. Our small group decided on a few different options; a Thai green coconut curry bowl, a black bean falafel (with naan bread, roasted pepper hummus and chickpeas), a fried avocado Southwestern burrito with tofu and a shared platter of fried avocado tacos. Delicious!

When the food arrived we were impressed with the presentation. We got the chance to try each other’s dishes and everyone’s food tasted amazing. As usual, I went with a curry – the Thai green curry, it was very creamy (in a vegan sense) and the flavours were subtle. No over-powering heat here. The vegetables were fresh and crispy and I absolutely adored the beansprouts – I don’t know why I don’t use this in my cooking at home more often. As we often do, Karen and I decided to switch halfway through and I got to tryout there black bean falafel dish which was wonderful. The falafel themselves were light but very crispy on the outside – different from regular falafel in both texture and flavour. I really liked them and the roasted pepper hummus was to die for.

Bethlyn’s Global Fusion has taken a location that has seen quite a number of food establishments come and go; from sandwich shops to bakeries to custard frozen desserts. Hopefully, they will be successful – there are a few other restaurants that have made in the area so there is the demand.
Karen has visited the restaurant a second time and she said the food was not quite as good as the first time around. Perhaps it was Bethlynn’s night off! Anyway, I am sure we will go back and try it again.


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