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A quaint seaside town on the Riviera Maya that has yet to be overdeveloped

The coastline of the Riviera Maya on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula has been gobbled up by a land grab of beach resorts, the only saving grace being they have been limited in the height of the buildings. I am not sure that this was by regulation or design. Fortunately, there are little oases in the form of towns that break up the monotony of the resorts. One such place is the small village of Puerto Morelos, which is located about halfway between Cancún and the larger town of Playa del Carmen. Originally a small fishing village, Puerto Morelos has not escaped the march of tourism but it has maintained some of the quaint features of its past.

The atmosphere is relaxed and somewhat sleepy. It doesn’t have the party scene of Cancún or Playa and the tourists here are a bit more mature or are families with younger children. There are plenty of places to eat and drink. In keeping with the low energy of the town, these bars and restaurants are mellow and chilled.

As with most Mexican towns, there is a central plaza that is the heart of the town and many of the bars and restaurants are located around its perimeter, but it is still functional and a place where the locals gather to pass the day and children can expend their seemingly endless energy on the play structures.

Close to the plaza is the beach. It is nice to find a seafront that has yet to be over-commercialized and is accessible to all.  You can find fishing boats hauled up on the beach, although I am not sure whether they still earn their trade on the waters of the Caribbean or are there for decoration.

There is a well-stocked supermarket right in the centre of town. It is modern and feels upscale and is somewhat incongruous in this tiny seaside town.

We have never stayed in Puerto Morelos but it certainly looked like a place we’d like to some time in the future.


The waters lapping up on the beach in Puerto MorelosA shop in the square of Puerto Morelos with a subtle reference to Frida Kahlo


Vegan Cafe – Las Robles

Av Javier Rojo Gomez (4,089.04 km)
77580 Puerto Morelos

Having already had lunch we were not very hungry but we were off to see a show at one of the local hotels (Rock of Ages – it was not very good) so we thought we should top our tummies off with some tasty vegan delights just in case we felt a bit peckish later in the evening.

Again we relied on the Happy Cow app to find us somewhere to eat in Puerto Morelos and it was a surprise to find that in a town of this size there were a few different options. Strolling around we found Los Robles a bijou, brightly decorated cafe located on one of the main streets that run through the town. It looked so welcoming and luckily for us the one outside sitting area had just become available as we walked up.



The menu had so many tasty options, but we wanted something very light to eat and were tempted by the vegan ceviche and the mini empanadas, which came in a plate of three – so we ordered a mix. To wash our food down we decided to try the Mexican coffee, thinking this might help us stay away during the show.

It took a little while for the food to be served, which was surprising since we were about the only people in the cafe, but we were in Mexico so things always take a bit longer. It was worth the wait! The  food was very well presented, especially the cerviche which had been compressed into a colorful cone. The flavors were spectacular. This was also true for the tiny empanadas. And as for the coffee, it was everything the server had promised – the flavor was definitely “full” and it wasn’t too long before we felt the caffeine coursing through our systems.

A gap was filled in our tummies and we left feeling extremely content!

If our travels bring us through this area we’ll definitely come back and try out Las Robles again.


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