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We have always had itchy feet and loved to explore both close and far. What we’d like to do is spend even more time traveling and finding out more about the fantastic and diverse world in which we live!

As part of our mission we actively working on developing our lifestyle to reduce our footprint and impact on the resources of the planet and at the same time free up more of our time and money to use for traveling.

We recently sold our house and moved into full time RV living. We’re not quite ready to pack in our jobs so we’ll be working and living in Bend, Oregon for a few more year. With our first winter as full time RVers nearly upon us we are starting a journey of discovery on surviving snow and ice storms.

We have always tried to be conscious of what we put into our bodies which has eventually led us on a path to veganism. Beyond this we are trying to be greener and are adopting a minimalist lifestyle (living in an RV forces you to live with less).



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