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Czech Republic: Eatery Review – Vegan’s Prague

August 26, 2019 6:48am
We recently spent 3 days in the amazing city of Prague. During our time there we decided to check out what the city had to offer in term of vegan eateries. There were two we really liked; Forkys - a fast food place with burgers and bowls and Vegan's - a restaurant with great views of the castle from its terrace serving traditional Czech food as well as International options.

Italy: Rome – Appian Way and the Catacombs

August 5, 2019 2:40pm
I thought it would be great to escape the hustle and bustle of the centre of Rome and escape to the countryside for a few hours. We took an e-cycle tour following parts of the Appian Way to visit the largest Catacombs in Rome and see the amazing aqueducts feeding the city. This was an amazing day and we loved every minute. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Our guide was fantastic, the people at TopBike were so friendly and helpful and we absolutely loved the e-bikes - in fact Karen is determined to buy one.

Oregon: Takilma – Out’n’About Treesort

August 2, 2019 10:10am
It was an opportunistic stop a Out’n’About Treesort that resulted in us moving to Oregon nearly 10 years ago. It was here that we picked up a leaflet for the Oregon Shakespeare festival. I called and purchased tickets and off we went to Ashland for a couple of days. We fell in love with Ashland and Oregon and decided this was where we were going to stay once we’d finished our year long family road trip around America.

Holy See & the Vatican City

August 2, 2019 8:23am
Vatican City is an independent walled-off city within Rome that is about 110 acres and has a population in the 800s. Itis an “ecclesiastical” state ruled by the head of the Catholic Church-The Pope. We decided to take a 3-hour tour, to skip the huge lines that form, of the Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel and St Peter's Basilica.

Italy: Rome – Ops! Vegan Restaurant (Review)

August 1, 2019 12:47pm
After our first two nights in Rome where we "suspended" our vegan diet to try some traditional Italian dishes (mainly pasta and pizza) we decided that we needed to get back on track. Researching Happy Cow we found a surprisingly limited number of vegan eating options in Central Rome. After bit humming and hawing we decided on trying a restaurant called Ops! which was located about 2.7 km (1.7 miles) from our apartment.
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