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Arkansas: Fort Smith

As we trekked across from Oklahoma on our way to Alabama we stopped off at the small, historic town of Fort Smith. The former garrison which gave its name to the town is now a National Monument which we took the opportunity to visit. We also were able to check out the historic center and the local visitor center; a former bordello.
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Tennessee: Lynchburg

A brief stop to pay homage to a national iconic drinks brand – and not a drop passed our lips!. On our road trip through Tennessee we decided, or at least I decide, to stop at the town of Lynchburg, home of the Jack Daniels, the famous Tennessee whiskey house.
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Belgium: Brussels – Historical Centre

The city of Brussels in Belgium is at the very heart of Europe. It is the seat of the European Parliament. By and large it is a typically modern European city but at it's heart there are some wonderful reminders of it's early ancestry, at the center of which is the spectacular Grand Place. Brussels is certainly a place where you can spend a couple of fun days exploring.
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Alaska: Seward – Dog sledding during the summer season

After spending the previous day at sea we decided to focus our last few days in Steward on terra firma. Since arriving in Alaska and Emily finding out about the existence of kennels for dog sledding huskies that were open to the public, we had been pressurized into visiting one of these establishments. Luckily enough one such place existed close to Seward. Despite this being summer and the snow being long gone this tour also promised us a sled ride – how could we turn down this opportunity
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Montana: Butte & The World Museum of Mining

Butte is built around a mountain, once known as America’s most valuable mountain. This community was created as a result of the discovery of the precious materials, in particular copper.. Today the mines are exhausted and the town is past it’s hey day
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India: Uttar Pradesh – Fatehpur Sikri

The ancient city of Fatehpur Sikri was founded by Emperor Akbar as the capital of Mughal Empire in 1571. Akbar's son Jahangir was born at the village of Sikri in 1569 and that year Akbar constructed a religious compound to commemorate Sheikh Salim who had predicted the birth.
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Minnesota: Walnut Grove – Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum

The name of Walnut Grove is synonymous with the "Little House On The Prairie" TV series, although the Ingalls only lived there on two occasions for a total of four years. The actual show was not filmed on location in South Dakota, they preferred the warmer climate of California (and who can blame them!)
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Alaska: Anchorage – Alaska Native Heritage Center

On our arrival in Anchorage our hopes were raised by some warm summer sun, but when we awoke on morning of our second day the weather has changed for the worst, it was both cold and damp. Mind you we never expected this to be a beach type holiday. We had come to Alaska prepared, so we layered up and set off to the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage.
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