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A day exploring Capitol Reef National Park, a quieter alternative to the other Utah National Parks

Even considering Utah’s many impressive national parks and monuments, it is difficult to rival Capitol Reef National Park’s sense of expansiveness, of broad, sweeping vistas, of a tortured, twisted, seemingly endless landscape, or of limitless sky and desert rock. While Bryce and Zion are like encapsulated little fantasy lands of coloured stone and soaring cliffs, the less-visited Capitol Reef is almost like a planet unto itself. Here you get a real feel for what the earth might have been like before life appeared when nothing existed but earth and sky.

Film Review: Break Free: Two People. Two Years. One Dream

This is the story of a young German couple, Lena and Ulli, who have a dream of travel and adventure. Their plan is to take a 6-month road trip from Hamburg in Germany to Capetown in South Africa. The journey brings a lot of unexpected events and they spend nearly years on the road and never make it to their planned destination. The sharp differences in their characters and life philosophies bring their relationship to breaking point.

Book Review – Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific in a Raft by Thor Heyerdahl

The famous Norweigan explorer Thor Heyerdahl has a theory that the islands of the Pacific Ocean could have been first settled by pre-Colombian explorers from South America rather than the common belief that these settlers came from the North and West. In 1947 he and a crew of four set-offs from Peru on a simple balsa wood raft named Kontiki on a 5000-mile journey to prove this theory.

Book Review – No picnic on Mount Kenya: A Daring Escape, A Perilous Climb by Felice Benuzzi

Confined to an endless cycle of boredom and frustration, one prisoner, Felice Benuzzi, realizes he can bear it no longer. When the clouds covering Mount Kenya part one morning to reveal its towering peaks for the first time, Benuzzi is transfixed. The tedium of camp life is broken by the beginnings of a sudden idea, an outrageous, dangerous, brilliant idea – to escape and climb the mountain.

Oregon: Tillamook – Tillamook Air Museum, a former airship Naval base

Tillamook Air Museum is located in a rural setting close to the Oregon Pacific coast. In World War II this was the site of a Naval base used to deploy K Class airships (blimps) across the Pacific ocean to detect enemy ships and submarines. The base was decommissioned in the 1940s and fell into disrepair. Today, the remaining hanger, Hanger B – one of the largest wooden buildings in the World, is the location of the Tillamook Air Museum.

Oregon: Astoria – the gateway to the Columbia River

Astoria is located in the far northwestern corner of Oregon, where the mighty Columbia River spills into the Pacific Ocean. There is plenty to do in this small coastal town and it is blessed with several microbreweries, restaurants and pubs. It is also a great base to explore the area’s State Parks such as Cape Disappointment State Park and Ecola State Park as well as the coastal towns of Gearhart, Seaside and Cannon Beach. Also, this is where the explorers, Lewis and Clark, ended their expedition to map the Western Territories.

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We love to travel both near and far, for us it is all about the experience. You will not find us lying on a beach in Bali, we’re more likely to be found wrapped up in warm clothing walking into a bracing gale along a wind-swept beach in Oregon, or exploring the back streets of a new city.

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