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Maine: Wiscasset & Castle Tucker

Wiscasset, Maine is one of the prettiest villages in the State with great restaurants and interesting shops. If you like Maine lobster then this is a great place to check out. The town has a long and proud history and saw it as one of the early contenders to be the State Capital of Maine, driven by its marine industry. Once the winds of changes drove this business back to a cottage industry, Wiscasset returned to a sleepier state. In the time of the town’s great wealth some large houses were built, some of which are now in the hands of a trust and can be visited.

New Hampshire: Mount Washington

Located in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, Mount Washington is the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi. The summit is extremely exposed which results in some wild and unpredictable weather. Even in the summer, it can be very cold and windy on top of Mount Washington. For many years the highest measured wind speed record was held by the weather station on the mountain’s summit! This is a very accessible mountain and you can get to the top several ways; on foot, by road or take the cog railway. The latter is an great experience and in our opinion the most fun (hiking would be good too but I am not sure we’re up for it these days)

New Hampshire: Sugar Hill – Polly’s Pancake Parlor (Eatery Review)

Whilst we follow a mainly plant-based diet we are occasionally tempted to stray. Back in 2007 (prior to changing our diet), I had visited Polly’s Pancake Parlor with the children, but Karen missed our visit. So, when the opportunity arose to visit again 14 years later it was too good an opportunity to miss. Much had changed about the Parlor itself – but the food was still amazing!

New York: Adirondacks – Ausable Chasm

Looking for a family day out that works for those simply wanting to go for a stunning hike but also for the more adventurous then Ausable Chasm in upstate New York is an ideal destination. Labelled the ‘Grand Canyon, just a few miles from Lake Champlain offers hiking & biking trails, tubing/rafting and a heart-stopping adventure trail that takes you on rope bridges a few feet above the boiling waters of the Ausable River as it thunders through a narrow canyon.

New York: Ticonderoga – Fort Ticonderoga

Fort Ticonderoga in Upstate New York has a long and colourful history and was at different times occupied by the French, British and American Revolutionary forces. Its position overlooking Lake Champlain, a significant waterway connecting the St Lawrence River to the Hudson River system made it a strategic location to control the movement of goods and military during times of war. Today, it is a beautifully restored museum and tourist attraction for history buffs and families alike.

New York: Ticonderoga – Star Trek Original Set Tour

If you are travelling through upstate New York you might want to take a trip into the small town of Ticonderoga to visit the Star Trek Original Series Set-Tour. You might ask why is it in Ticonderoga – and you’ll need to go for yourself to find out! This is not just a place for Trekkies to visit it is a fascinating insight into TV history. its authenticity has been confirmed by members of the original cast, including William Shatner (Captain James T Kirk) who makes regular visits here.

New York: Clayton – Wooden Boat Inn

If you are visiting the Thousand Islands region of New York and looking for somewhere affordable to stay then the Wooden Boat Inn is Clayton is a good option. There are a handful of rooms and a cottage. The rooms are cosy (i.e. small) but comfortable. There are common areas, including a kitchen to prepare food. The Inn is centrally located and is within easy walking distance from the main downtown where there are plenty of shops and restaurants.

New York: Thousand Islands – Visiting Boldt & Singer Castles

The Thousand Islands region of New York is located in the far north of the State bordering Canada. The border runs through the St Lawrence River which runs from Lake Ontario out to the North Atlantic. There are over 1800 islands in the channel, ranging from tiny to large ones. The area was popular with the rich at the turn of the 20th Century. There are two castles on these islands which are open to the public.

New York: 14 fabulous things to do in New York’s Finger Lake’s Region

New York’s Finger Lakes Region is a beautiful part of upstate New York, with eleven lakes that run roughly north to south framed by lush green rolling hills. The area is famed for its wines and natural beauty. There are many things to see and do in the area including some amazing State Parks with incredible waterfalls and several cultural highlights including the Corning Museum of Glass and the Rockwell Museum.

New York: Women’s Rights National Historic Park, Seneca Falls

In July 1848 a group of 300 people gathered in the city of Seneca Falls, New York for a convention on women’s rights. At the end of this convention 100 people; 68 women and 32 men signed the Declaration of Sentiments which laid out how society, in particular men, subjugated women and what the reformists would like to see change. Unfortunately, it took another 70 years for American women to get suffrage with the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 2020.

New York: Syracuse – Upside-down traffic lights

When the city of Syracuse, New York started installing traffic lights in the 1920s the Irish community didn’t take kindly to the set of lights put up on a busy intersection on Tipperary Hill. They did not like the fact that the ‘red light’, which they associated with the British, was above the ‘green light’ – green being the colour of the Irish. So, some youths in the area threw stones, breaking the red lamp. The city replaced the lamp only for it to be smashed again. The city eventually gave up flipping the light so the green light was at the top. These upside-down lights remain until this day and have become a local attraction.

New York: Gourdlandia

If you are in the Finger Lakes Region near Ithaca then you might want to check out Gourdlandia. This is the storefront and workshop of Graham Ottoson, a former mid-wife turned gourd artist. She takes gourds grown in her garden, dries them out and turns them into beautifully carved lamps, bowls and other gourd oddities.

New York: Watkins Glen State Park

Watkins Glen is a small town on the bottom tip of Seneca Lake in New York’s Finger Lakes region, known for its outstanding beauty and winemaking. Watkins Glen draws people to the area as the location of the Watkins Glen International Raceway which often hosts NASCAR events. Our reason for visiting was nothing to do with racing – we were in search of natural beauty in the form of the amazing Watkins Glen State Park and its nineteen waterfalls

Pennsylvania: Scranton – Electric City Trolley Museum

The Electric City Trolley Museum in Scranton is a tribute to the first mass transit systems that enabled people to move from their homes in suburbs into American cities, enabling their meteoric growth. Eventually, the trolleys were replaced as automobiles became mass-produced. This museum preserves the history of this gentler form of transport, offering a chance to see some restored trolleys and also the opportunity to take a ride through Scranton and see some of the important historical sites there.

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